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   We were born 32 years ago to serve a firm purpose: to promote quality of life, well-being and health, positively impacting people's lives, through high quality products that help fight heart disease, improve the skin and have been associated with antiaging effects as well as giving more energy.

   That's because we genuinely care about people. And care begins in choosing our products, which are produced from fruit pulps grown in the best regions of Brazil, including the Amazon, ensuring traceability and high quality standards.

   Thus, we can fulfill our mission, which is to establish a lasting relationship of respect and loyalty with the customer, providing products of proven quality at competitive prices, as well as prompt service.

   In addition, Panchef also stands out for its varied product portfolio, which includes Cream of Pitaya, Cream of Cupuaçu, traditional popsicles and dozens of food products derived from Açaí. Another differential is the possibility of customizing the product to meet the needs of our customers.

    Our brand offers tropical flavor and freshness from Brazil to the world. Discover the products and be one of our distributors. Join the brand that puts quality and people first!

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